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Wombsday by L.A. Rivers

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

7 sins?

No 7 deadly lies.

Insidious and acceptable

taught as truth

rotting will at the foundations of selfhood.

question these and you are the betrayer of the tribe.




Turn virtue to sin, what genius came up with that hefty mind control?

Take all that is right and natural and upend it to wrong?

Assume imbalance is the order of life?

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Clock ticking down to wombsday…

7 deadly lies unveiled.

Mountains rumbling as sleeping women wake

waiting for no man to free them.

Madonna and whore integrating into wholeness.

L.A. Rivers spent her youth gathering tales of adventure while writing marketing copy and training manuals for companies around the globe. Her travels took her to West Africa, the Persian Gulf, The United Kingdom, and on 100,000 miles of road trips in the western United States. Under a pen name she’s authored six books, 1600 blog posts, and countless email campaigns for creative small businesses. Some would say she took being Hemingway’s birthday twin a little too seriously. You can find her latest musings at

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