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Top Three Books on Our Reading List this Month

1. The Mourning Bird by Mubanga Kalimamukwento

The Mourning Bird is the winner of the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award and hit shelves on June 1st, 2019. In 1990's Zambia, Chimuka and her younger brother, Ali, are orphaned after their parents die from AIDS and suicide. They are then forced to live on the streets, and find themselves face to face with drugs, crime, and police brutality. Chimuka, just eleven-years-old, is thrown into the life of prostitution as the country experiences a failed military coup, election riots, and a declining economy. Chimuka finds her country and her life taking a turn for the worse at one of the most fragile times in her life. This novel is highly recommended and even has a 4.42/5 star rating on Goodreads. You can expect an in-depth review of The Mourning Bird on The Mark's website soon!

2. American Dirt by Jeanine Cummings

American Dirt, unlike The Mourning Bird, has not yet been released. It comes out on January 21st, and is one of the most anticipated reads of 2020. It tells the story of Lydia Quixano Pérez, whose life is changed drastically after her family is targeted by an Acapulco drug lord. Lydia and her son, Luca, have no choice but to flee their home, and soon begin their journey to the United States. Hopefully this book will live up to the hype!

3. All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White

This book grabbed our attention because it's written by three best-selling authors. It comes out on January 14th, and has three intersecting timelines of women who seek refuge at the Ritz hotel in Paris from 1914 to 1964. Daisy, Babs, and Aurelie all have their own family drama and relationships that unfold throughout the book; it's more of a romance/mystery than a historical novel. That being said, we can't wait to check it out!

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