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Top Bookish Podcasts You Need to Hear Right Now

According to a Forbes article, as of November 2019, there were 800,000 active podcasts available worldwide. Who has time to sort through all that to find one that's actually worth hearing? Here is a list of four bookish podcasts that will keep you entertained for countless hours, all available for free on Spotify.

Bookish Brown Girls

This podcast is "an extension of the Bookish Brown Girls platform that was created to uplift books written by women of color," according to their intro. Bookish Brown Girls is hosted by writers Kay Blake and B.L. McGrew who bonded over their love of Twilight. Kay, according to her Goodreads profile, is " award winning author of sassy, sexy, and sweet contemporary and interracial romance." Her co-host, B.L. McGrew, has published two books, We Are Immeasurable and Her Butterfly Diary, which have extremely high ratings on Goodreads. On the podcast, they talk about everything from how Twilight inspired their own writing to their thoughts on cancel culture and other social issues.

What Should I Read Next?

This podcast is hosted by Anne Bogel, from the blog "Modern Mrs Darcy." Each week, she addresses a major issue that every reader has had, what do I read next? Bogel interviews a reader about the books they love, a book they hate, and what they are reading now. Then, she makes recommendations on books that they should read next. You might find your next read just by listening!

Writer's Bone

Writer's Bone is a podcast (you guessed it) about writing. They post episodes once every two or three days, so there will be a lot of content for you to binge! There are multiple hosts that talk to authors in a variety of genres. Their description says it best, "Aspiring writers, best-selling scribes, and award-winning screenwriters confront existential dread and writing angst! A podcast for the conversationalist."

Get Booked

Get Booked is a podcast under the Book Riot umbrella hosted by Amanda Nelson and Jenn Northington. Similar to What Should I Read Next?, they recommend books to their listeners. In addition, once a week, they do a segment called "The Handsell," where they recommend one book they love. The Handsell's books aren't necessarily new releases, but as they note, it's "a special weekly installment of books we just can't resist shouting about." So you know they have to be good!

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