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To Love the River by Siham Karami

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year is to read more poetry, so when Siham Karami emailed me asking if I could review her book of poetry, I was elated! I’ve always been interested in writing poetry, but I’m not that good at it; hopefully reading more poetry will help me out a little bit!

Usually, I have a hard time enjoying poems or books of poems, but that was not the case with To Love the River. I think sometimes I get bored with other poems that I read, and they don’t hold too much meaning for me. However, in To Love the River, all the poems flow so well and the imagery is so interesting that it’s hard to get off-track. One of my favorite poems is actually the first one, “The Word for Dawn.” Karami is able to write a whole poem about how one word just flows off the tongue. The way Karami constructs imagery to go along with it was amazing as well. Part of the poem reads, “I hear it like a distant motorcycle/its street lost in a cricket’s heartbeat,/and I find it leaking tiny drumbeats from/my son’s earbuds fallen from his ear...” It would be an understatement to say that I’m jealous of the way Karami writes poetry.

Some people don’t like to read poetry, and I completely understand that. But I think that everyone should at least try to read To Love the River. You can visit this Wordpress site https:// to read more about the author and find out where to get the book! Happy reading!

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