These Literary Magazines are Open for Submissions (Week of May 23, 2021)

Thank you for checking out this list of literary magazines that are accepting submissions, provided by The Mark Literary Review. If you have interest in receiving this information in a bi-weekly newsletter, please fill out this Google form.

Disclaimer: We vet each magazine as best we can, but if you know of any unethical behavior by any of these magazines, please report it to us and we will take them off the list. We do not condone any magazines that promote hate or violence. Please bring any issues to The Mark's attention.

Research each publication for yourself before sending in your work. This list is just to notify the writing community of literary magazines that are open for submissions.

The Birdseed

The Birdseed is open for micro-reviews and flash fiction (under 150 words) until June 20. Click here for their website.

All Ears

All Ears is a youth e-journal based in India open until June 25 for visual art, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Click here for their website.

Lockdown BabyBabble

Lockdown BabyBabble is open until June 30 for poetry, fiction and nonfiction. They are looking for submissions that focuses on the rainbow trend that began in March 2020. For more information, visit their website.

Nocturne Magazine

Nocturne Magazine is looking for fiction, nonfiction, poems, and art in the horror genre until September. Click here for their website.

Capsule Stories

Capsule Stories' Autumn 2021 edition theme is "Dancing with Ghosts." They are looking for stories, poems, and essays that feel autumn-y and grapple with home, history, and identity.

From the editor: "Tell us about walking through a city that has stood for a millennium and wondering at the layers of civilization that lie beneath your feet. Tell us about uncovering family secrets. Send us writing about making space for the unknown and unknowable. Send us writing about making peace with your past and facing the future without fear. We are especially interested in pieces that take place in autumn and evoke the feeling of the season. (Note: Please do not send horror stories.)"

Submissions for Capsule Stories Autumn 2021 Edition close May 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Click here for their website.


Fruit is open until June 13 for writing by queer people of color. Click here for their website.

Remington Review

Remington Review is open to submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art until June 14. Click here for their website.

Group Chat Review

Group Chat Review is open until June 1 for poetry and flash fiction under 1000 words. Click here for their website. They pay $25 per piece.


Herstry's free and tip jar submissions are always open. Their theme submissions are open for for specific periods of time.

The magazine does one theme per month and they publish the last week of the month. Click here for a list of their upcoming themes.

From the editor: "We take stories from women identifying persons only and they must be true and about that person in some way. We pay $20 per selected stories for our monthly theme essays. Our regular free submissions are not paying (yet)."


YAWP is open for submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, visual art, photography, and film/audio until June 15.

From the editor: "YAWP is dedicated to cultivating the manifold voices of a modern generation. In this spirit, we seek work that demonstrates a uniquely youthful response to the issues facing a contemporary world. To allow for a platform that more accurately reflects the needs of our readership, and that responds in real time to pressing trends and developments, we've recently made the switch over to a 'rolling' style of publication. This means both rapid response times and a constantly updating website as we strive to read and publish work as soon as we receive it." Click here for their website.

Lucky Jefferson

Lucky Jefferson is open until May 31 for their upcoming print issue, "Cookout." Send your unpublished poetry, flash fiction, and food-inspired art that describes what you would bring to their cookout. Topics for this issue may include: food, games, entertainment, libations, decorations, cutlery, etc.

Another call for submission Lucky Jefferson is excited to share is for their digital zine for Black authors, "Awake." Issue 3 "Our Power" explores Black Resiliency. Selected works in this issue will embrace and magnify the persistence, strength, and power of Black communities through text, form, and structure. Accepted authors will receive $15 for each accepted work. It's free to submit until May 31. Click here for their website.

Moonflake Press

Moonflake Press is open until Sept. 1 for their print issue. They are looking for prose or poetry on the theme of "Escapism." Click here for their website. They pay £5 for online issues and £25 for print issues.

Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows is seeking poetry, personal essays, articles, reviews, photography, digital art, drawing, and painting until May 31. Click here for their website.


Scribble is open for submissions of fiction up to 2,000 words year-round. Click here for their website.

Rhodora Magazine

Rhodora Magazine seeks poetry, short stories, travel writing, flash fiction, one-act plays, translations, essays, book reviews and movie reviews. Click here for their website. They are always open for submissions.

Cerasus Magazine

Cerasus Magazine is open until June 15 for poetry, prose, artwork, and photography. Click here for their website.

Fish Food

Fish Food is open year-round for poetry, short fiction, any form of art (photography, drawings, illustrations, paintings, etc.) media (film, short docs, music vids, etc.) and audio. Click here for their website.

The Spotlong Review

The Spotlong Review is open for fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. From the editor: "We seek work that challenges boundaries and fosters human connection from surprising angle. Our greatest aim is to reserve a space for all kinds of exceptional writing and art regardless of form, intent, or subject matter." Click here for their website.

Par Contre Zine

Par Contre Zine is always open for photography, art, poetry, song lyrics, essays, reviews, articles, collages, and more. Click here for their website.

Heartland Society of Women Writers

Heartland Society of Women Writers is looking for short stories or poems in any genre by anyone who identifies as a woman. Submit until June 30. Click here for their website. They offer print and digital publication. Every accepted writer receives a full feature on three social media platforms in addition to their website including their work, bio, links, and interview.


NECTAR is open for poetry and fiction submissions until May 31. Find their website here. They pay each writer $10 upon publication, $20 if the writer donates to the magazine.

Thanks Hun Zine

Thanks Hun Zine is open until July 31 for poetry, short fiction, and essays. Click here for their website.

the tide rises, the tide falls

the tide rises, the tide falls is open year-round for poetry inspired by or mimicking Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls." You can find their archives here.

Sublunary Review

Sublunary Review is open until Nov. 27 for fiction, poetry, and art. They ask that you read their submission guidelines and browse their previously published work to get a sense of what kind of writing and art they are looking for. Click here for their website.

Orange Blush Zine

Orange Blush Zine is always open for art, poetry, prose, fiction, scripts, lists, comics, illustrations, photography, and collages. They are open to "experimental, out-of-the-box, punch-you-in-the-gut type work," according to the editor. The magazine is open to all genres. Click here for their website.

The New Territory

The New Territory is open for poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction piece about or by writers from the lower Midwest (Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.) They pay $25 per poem and $150 for creative nonfiction and fiction pieces. Click here for their website.

Ice Lolly Review

Ice Lolly Review is always open for submissions, though this may change in the future. They want pieces that have a strong sense of voice and overall quality of work and language from writers aged 12-26. They are also looking for blog submissions and are accepting applications to be part of their team. Click here for their website.

Shabd Aaweg

Shabd Aaweg is open for poetry, literary reviews, fiction, and nonfiction prose for their summer issue. Click here for their website.


FEED is open year-round (they accept submissions on a rolling basis.) You can send them brief prose (fiction and nonfiction) and poetry.

From their website:

FEED is a weekly online lit mag of short-form literature. If long-form journals are elaborate holiday meals, FEED is a quick bite with morning coffee or a light midnight snack. Each week, FEED offers its readers a simple provision of short but satisfying poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and genre-bending in-betweeners.