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Piece of Work by Molly Hahn

I want you to revere me like an infinite

stroll through a museum.

Gaze upon my artifacts, my

history of washed out memories,

my collection of abandoned dreams,

my silent sculptures.

Study the small descriptions floating

beside large paintings of misplaced

emotions. Marvel

at the blank canvas walls that stretch

between my pieces.

Lazily walk around, losing time and

place in me,

spend an afternoon, a morning,

a lifetime,

wandering between my displayed

history. Find yourself in back corners, behind

the staged reproduction of my childhood—

stare even at the works in progress.

Molly Hahn is a senior Biology major. She’s from the small town of Dyersville, Iowa and likes cooking, not studying for midterms, and writing poetry at midnight. Molly obsessively watches Oscar-nominated films. She also spends her time trying out dessert recipes on anyone who will taste (or just for herself after an exam) and writing stories she can never seem to finish. She plans on surviving after graduation with a job in the medical field and then eventually going back to school where she will continue to avoid studying for midterms.

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