My oh Mother by Orlando Clark

I prayed thee I pray thee, now mend this my oh mother.

For it seems as if our god has forsaken us.

Pen ultimate life giver you be. I beg thee oh mother,

free your child from this misery of harsh reality.

I beg of you, mend this my oh mother.

For if the knife that perforates my flesh cometh from these hands of mine,

I will be shunt from the gates of heaven and barred from nirvana, if there be such.

Oh mother, you can suckle me in thy’ne bosom until my last breath disintegrates.

You can adorn my last meal, the one you know I love so much, so I may see god with a full.

Whatever method it be, make it quick, for the world is getting grim, time is getting slim, and my patience runneth thin.

The heart of man is dark as the valley of death. I have faced many evils. I prayed thee I pray thee, now mend this my oh mother, for my cup has runneth over.

Orlando Clark is a Jamaican international student currently studying at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is an aspiring poet, author, entrepreneur, and professor.