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Misconceptions by Molly Hahn

i thought i was supposed to get prettier as i got older.

that somehow the battle scars left

by puberty would wash away as i left high school.

i thought my hair would magically straighten every morning of my twenties.

and that my skin would lose all these

moles and freckles and red blotches and dry patches and random hairs.

i thought i would get taller.

or at least have the interest and ability to wear heels

day in and day out.

i thought my voice would become melodic,

that my tongue would stop tripping over nothing and

speak silky words of sophistication and wisdom.

i thought age would bring me a new body—

a body i can see in my head,

a body that felt like me.

Molly Hahn is a senior Biology major. She’s from the small town of Dyersville, Iowa and likes cooking, not studying for midterms, and writing poetry at midnight. Molly obsessively watches Oscar-nominated films. She also spends her time trying out dessert recipes on anyone who will taste (or just for herself after an exam) and writing stories she can never seem to finish. She plans on surviving after graduation with a job in the medical field and then eventually going back to school where she will continue to avoid studying for midterms.

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