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Magazine Spotlight: Wizards in Space Literary Magazine

Wizards in Space Literary Magazine (WiS) got its start in 2015, and officially released their first issue in 2016. Founder Olivia Dolphin said she founded the magazine in an effort to encourage more writing and original works in fandom spaces. "However, through early success of the magazine, we branched out from fandom spaces into the writing and literature world in general," she said.

WiS wants to hear from writers who typically don't get the chance to see their work recognized in print. "We embrace and celebrate art that has something to say; we want to hear from the marginalized and underrepresented writers and artists who don't often get a chance to have their work recognized in print," Dolphin said.

When reading submissions, WiS is open to almost any type of work. "While our name suggests a love of fantasy and science-fiction (which we certainly lean [into]), we also love pieces that have a whole lot of heart and an earnest nature to them," Dolphin continued, adding WiS has published space-western style short stories, poetry about driving home after a long time away, and even comics about biking the rings of Saturn. "One thing we don't publish is horror or any graphic violence," she said.

WiS is a paying market, offering $40 for any work they accept. They do not charge a submission fee.

In addition to publishing literary work, open mics are a staple of what WiS does. "It's important to us that we provide multiple ways for people to share their work, and open mics are a great way to encourage new writers to get up to the mic and share—especially since we can only publish a small number of writers in each issue," Dolphin said.

WiS has also done writing workshops and panel discussions, especially at conventions. As of late, they have been hosting music and reading events with their partner Pitch and Prose.

"We have a robust and active community, and these online events are a great way to connect with performers and audience members alike in a constantly moving live chat," Dolphin said.

WiS is currently closed for submissions and working on their sixth issue (which you can preorder now on their website). "We don't have a date set for issue 07, but we have some projects and plans in place for 2021 already," Dolphin said. "Right now, we're accepting submissions from a partner anthology with Black Girls Create." You can find that information here.

WiS also sells merchandise on their website like t-shirts, patches, and pins. Right now, they have a code for 20% off in their shop. Use HOLIDAY20 to get the discount. Find a link to their website here.

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