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Magazine Spotlight: Solstice Literary Magazine

Solstice Literary Magazine applied for 501(c)(3) status almost 14 years ago and has been growing ever since.

Lee Hope, founding editor of Solstice Literary Magazine, said, "We began as an online journal and are now a hybrid publication with two online issues and one print issue per year."


As for what kind of writing submissions they accept, Hope said Solstice is eclectic in their taste. The review publishes anything from realism to avant-garde. "Certainly we have an emphasis on diversity of race, national origin, gender, socioeconomic class and religion," added Hope.

Solstice Literary Magazine also encourages submissions of controversial topics.

"We believe that silence is not an option, and are taking a stand to promote diversity with renewed conviction during these times," said Hope. "Our recent blog on Anti-Oppression is an example of our commitment."

If you haven't read the magazine's blog, I suggest you check it out. I particularly enjoyed a piece, "The Advantage of Citizenship" by Christina Baquero Dudley. In the post, Dudley describes how her dad became a U.S. Citizen, and makes the reader reflect on how much people are willing to give up to come to the United States.

Solstice Literary Magazine also accepts photography as well, though these submissions are mostly solicited. "We have published fine art photographers of national fame, and also some emerging ones, as evident on our website," said Hope.

It takes about four to six months after submission to hear back from Solstice Literary Magazine as many of the submissions go through more than one reader.

Literary Contests

The magazine also hosts its own annual literary contest which is hosted in the spring.

"Our staff writers select finalists to send on to outside judges, many of whom are very established writers, as mentioned on our website," said Hope. "We nominate some of our winners and our finalists for major awards, along with other pieces."

National and International Reach

Solstice Literary Magazine reaches out to community writing groups in order to publish new, unheard voices.

"Our primary outreach to groups at this point is in the Boston area where most of our staff is located, but we have also brought on staff a poet from the Northwest and intend to make some real outreach there," Hope said.

Although their outreach program is mainly in the Boston area, Solstice Literary Magazine also appeals to an international audience, partly through its Poetry in Translation initiative. The magazine accepts new translations of poetry from all around the globe. Translators should be ready to provide copyright proof when they submit.

If you would like to make a donation to the magazine so they can continue their community outreach program, along with other projects, click here.

To visit Solstice Literary Magazine's website, click here.

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