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Lucky Number Seven by Alison McBain

My grandfather nearly lost




Friday afternoons

paddling through smokers’ fog

sitting at red and black

betting on green.

His hand felt empty

coming home to Reno

from the army’s tender care

(bullet in the gut)

so he filled fingers

with a Colt Lightweight Commander


chocolate bar grips.

It carried seven rounds

(lucky number seven).

It must have been lucky

he never fired it once

at an intruder until one snuck into

his brain intent on overcoming

his last defense.

Instead, he shot it

killed that fucker dead

with his lucky number seven.

Alison McBain is an award-winning author with nearly 100 short works published, including prose/poetry in Litro, FLAPPERHOUSE, and The Airgonaut. Last year, her poem “Assimilation” was nominated for the Puschart Prize, and her debut fantasy novel The Rose Queen was named one of the best books of 2018 by the reviewer website Bookshine and Readbows. In her spare time, she is the Book Reviews Editor for Bewildering stories, and the lead editor of the small press publisher Fairfield Scribes.

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