Light by Orlando Clark

For if the true beauty of a man is found on the inside

then to see the true beauty of the world you must close your eyes.

The earth is a prudent teacher, its lesson comes with the wind

seas, trees, bees and even the bird that sings.

So gloat not on thyne own understanding,*

For all men are fools because, all men learn daily

knowledge is wide, cannot be fathomed in the mind of a single man

understand that the bit you know is like tears in an ocean.

Fear not the dark and not knowing,

for too much light retards the mind from growing.

A wise man is not the man who knows it all.

A wise man is a man who shares it all.

A foolish fool is a man who tries not to understand.

A wise fool is man who knocks on the door of a wiser man.

*See Proverbs 3:5

Orlando Clark is a third-year Jamaican international student majoring in English at Mount Mercy University. He loves his family, football, and literature. He is an aspiring English professor, writer, footballer, and businessman. He is his best self when he is out in nature, absorbing all the natural mystics of the world.