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Kiss Kiss by Paul Beckman

I first came into contact with Paul Beckman when I was putting together the first edition of The Mark Literary Review. I loved his story, “Dad’s Crying Again” and I knew I had to publish it. He contacted me a bit later asking if I could review his new book, Kiss Kiss; obviously I said yes. His work is amazing!

I really liked this book of short stories. Although, some of the stories were very strange and kind of threw me for a loop. Most of the stories have a kind of strange element to them (in a good way), which I think a lot of people would like. There was one story about how a man was literally falling apart and putting his body parts into canisters to preserve them. Strange, but there wasn’t one story that I didn’t enjoy reading.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading strange short stories! You can find this book on Amazon using the following link. Happy reading!

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