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Jazz in the Love by Kayla Bush

Before the night the smooth jazz clothed their bare bodies & created a new sense of vitality between them, she wasn’t sure if he’d stay. For he was a man of few words. While they made love among the autumn kissed leaves, she felt anew, rejuvenated. The soft, cool breeze gently tousling through their wild hair. Knowing looks brought about by that glowing moon of harvest. And then he simply said stay. She looked at him, surprised that he uttered that word. She said yes, so they remained there, his arms around her. She felt strong. She was able to keep him. And despite the threat of early snow, she remained unfazed.

Kayla Bush is a creative writing and publishing/editing double major at Susquehanna University. She has served on a poetry reading board for Rivercraft and has been a copy editor for Flagship. She was a guest poetry editor for AntiHeroin Chic and is currently their nonfiction editor. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and this is her first time being published by an online literary magazine. Find her on Twitter @writeaway17.

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