How to Prepare for a Funeral by Salam Wosu

I go naked before I start crying/look in the mirror at my all-black natural mourning dress/Who am I to claim someone's death as my loss? Who am I to weep and pray you rise/& walk again amongst those who saw you as a backwards glance?

I go naked before I read a eulogy/It is easier to raw out stories from a well of scars/Who am I to say you are not better off somewhere behind that designer suit and dotted tie/Who am I to pray for you when I still live this life of tearful prayers/& you look still, stylish and calm/& it's not so hard to envy you/I hate anything that puts a man on his knees as I am/& if this world is truth, I'd rather be lying down.

Salam Wosu is a Nigerian chemical engineer, a poet, and aspiring novelist. His works interrogate grief, depression, love, anti chauvinism and sexuality. He was shortlisted for the Korean Nigerian Poetry Fiesta award in 2017 and 2019. His works are published or forthcoming in Glass Poetry Press, Kissing Dynamite, Dream Noir, PIN, RIC Journal, and Mounting the Moon. His is @salam_wosu on all social media platforms.