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Forgotten Coffee by Adrian Slonaker

The lukewarm caramel latte idles

in a cup crafted from ecology-crushing styrofoam

that causes teeth to clench

when it’s scratched by frayed fingernails.

The formerly frothy destroyer of doldrums

has been domesticated without dignity as a

liquid slacker stagnating since the last sip,

interrupted by a parcel drop-off

precipitating the zipping of Jordache jeans nabbed on eBay,

a tidal wave of work sweetened by a rush rate,

the spontaneity of a tension-killing twelve o’clock kiss,

a toddler’s tearful tumble off a rumpus-room rocking horse,

and a dozen daydreams of demolished dorms and finished friendships

as bittersweet as the neglected nectar

destined for perdition in the dumpster.

Adrian Slonaker zigzags back and forth across the Canadian/US border and works as a copywriter and copy editor. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in Pangolin Review, Aerodrome, WINK: Writers in the Know, and others. He is fond of rain, wrestling, owls, folkrock music and long chats with charmingly eccentric folks.

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