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Five Lit Mags You Should Submit to This Week

1. The Mark Literary Review

The Mark is an online magazine that's always open for submissions! We never charge a submission fee. We're down to read anything! There isn't a specific theme you need to adhere to, but we are most interested in reading creative writing that tears your heart out. Send in your best poetry or short stories and we'll get back to you within two weeks (sometimes sooner). We also accept blog post submissions. We do not accept previously published work, but we do accept simultaneous submissions. Check out our submission guidelines here.

2. Burning Jade Magazine

Burning Jade is a magazine that focuses "...on spotlighting underrepresented voices who have unconventional perspectives that can cultivate a culture of healing and progress," according to their website. They are currently accepting submissions for their second edition entitled "Rituals."

For "Rituals" you might submit work that deals with "...spiritual traditions, contradictions, and manifestos; the role of religion/spirituality in government; how spirituality affects you personally; how religion can connect or alienate communities and families, the mythos of religion, paganism, and indigenous religions; the absence of religion; or why spirituality is an integral part of so many people's lives." You can submit poetry, essays, articles, art, photography, screenplays, or music. Send them to with the subject "Rituals Submission" by October 3, 2020.

3. Longleaf Review

Longleaf Review is open for their "Harvest" edition until September 10. They ask, "What do you pull from your body? What do you pull from the ground? What do you grow? Do you reap what you sow?" They want your interpretation of a harvest.

They ask, "Give us taste and texture; the excitement of the planting; the growing; the bloodlust; the hunger. Give us fallow fields and baskets overflowing. Give us walls teeming with unwanted life and tongues red with poison berries." They accept fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. They also pay each author $20 if their work is accepted. Read their official guidelines here.

4. Auroras & Blossoms

This magazine accepts any topic/theme as long as it is positive and uplifting, except for erotica and politics. They accept submissions of poetry, short stories, and art all year long. They even have a special category for creatives aged 13-16. Check out their website here.

5. Carousel Magazine

Last but not least, Carousel Magazine was established in 1983 and represents "new and established artists, with a focus on positioning Canadian talent within an international context. They are open for submissions until September 15 and they pay upon publication. Find their website here.

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