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Eating Cold Leftover Spaghetti for Breakfast by Gerry Fabian

And so it has come to this:

A half full bottle of French’s Mustard;

sour orange juice;

two slimy hot dogs in in a packet with whitish water;

a dented pizza box that I am afraid to open;

an open bottle of Coors Light—probably flat;

a half eaten pod of McDonald’s french fries

with dried ketchup covering them

some of which have spilled onto the empty vegetable bin;

a soft to the touch mushy brown apple;

American cheese so old it cannot be separated into individual slices

and a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda

dated three years ago.

This may not be rock bottom,


especially if I shake

the mustard vigorously.

Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor. He has been publishing poetry since 1972 in various poetry magazines. He is the editor of Raw Dog Press. His novels, Memphis Masquerade, Getting Lucky (The Story), and Seventh Sense, are available at Smashwords and all other ebook publishers. His first book of published poems, Parallels is available as an ebook and as a paperback at all major bookstores and on Amazon. His second book of published poems, Coming Out Of The Atlantic is slated for publication in 2019. His website is

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