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Conversation with Earth by Orlando Clark

At my lowest I sat outside, I sat right next to a tree

no friends no, no foe, nor family

just me, myself and my melancholy.

And through this tree the almighty spoke to me

she said

“my son, life is like a symphony

and you are the orchestrator of your own misery.

I will tell you a little story

to show you the mystery of god’s glory.”

Stunned in awe by this tree that spoke

I pinched myself to ensure I was woke

this can’t be real, must have hit my head

it’s surely real for this she said,

“centuries ago when the world we know now was without shape or form

before even the oldest pharaoh was born.

Light years before flora and fauna was a thing

long before kings and queens and even wedding rings.

Though this story might make you grin,

look deeper than the wits to find the truth within."


There was a man from a town

and all day long he would wear a frown.

he believes he has the worst of luck

in despair he’s always stuck

just like you he wanted answers

just like you sought divine sponsors

he searched for space where he could shout

so the highest hill he apt to mount.

On this hill he spoke to a rock

pardon serendipity but I kid you not

“I am the worst” the little man said

“might as well I end up dead”

“well, yes” the rock replied in a convincing tone.

This shook the little man to his bone.

The rock spoke again in a different note

and thus he said in baritone,

“problems are plenty of this I’m sure

but just like you every man has his own.

The tongue you have is a powerful thing

please be cautious of the words you sing

for every claim you make the earth says “yes”

so if you speak of yourself speak the best

for what you say I will attest.” 


“Change how you look at what you see

what you see will surely change

quite aware this advice is strange

but what you preach will surely be.”

Orlando Clark is a third-year Jamaican international student majoring in English at Mount Mercy University. He loves his family, football, and literature. He is an aspiring English professor, writer, footballer, familyman and businessman. He is his best self when he is out in nature, absorbing all the natural mystics of the world.

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