Cascade by Kayla Bush

She became round like the moon

with her new light glowing like the stars.

An aura of peace cascades as if she has become a waterfall.

Down her spine the sun streams down.

Across her hips twisting around,

within the middle of her. She begins to glow and

as her light grows, the moon shines.

So does she. The wind granting her

with intellect and elegance. The beauty of the earth.

Kindness and patience. Vices diminishing.

Virtues she was lacking the pure air.

Now overwhelming in its presence. Full of life

as she is burst open by her light, full of overwhelming joy.

Graced by her glorious face she was complete.

With that glorious cry. The universe lauding in that moment.

Kayla Bush is a creative writing and publishing/editing double major at Susquehanna University. She has served on a poetry reading board for Rivercraft and has been a copy editor for Flagship. She was a guest poetry editor for AntiHeroin Chic and is currently their nonfiction editor. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and this is her first time being published by an online literary magazine. Find her on Twitter @writeaway17.