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Caging the Blackhole by Aneek Chatterjee

Winter evenings sipped

through the rib cage

& unbearable mist

in barren paddy fields.

A faraway light blinks

& walks straight in to a

blackhole that devoured

laughter jump & joy

million years ago.

Here I am,

caging the blackhole

& waiting for the smell

of wetted earth; &

another big bang for a

rebirth tomorrow.

Aneek Chatterjee is an Indian poet and academic from Kolkata and author of “Seaside Myopia: A Book of Poems” (, 2018). His recent credits are: The Stray Branch, Ann Arbor Review, Montreal Writes, Duane’s PoeTree, Scryptic Magzine of Alternative Art and Literature, The Pangolin Review, Taj Mahal Review, Eskimo Pie, Chicago Record Magazine; and poems in eight antholgies, all published from the USA.

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