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Blue Moons by Ananya Guha

Somehow the road wavers

a mist hovers downtown

everything is reclusive

and the sun callow-faced

I walk down the steps

a little uncertain that the day’s

hues will linger

like the man selling his wares

his gaunt face the shape of a sky

or those blue moons



Unbecoming is time

as the winter settles down

into warmer evenings

blue moons laugh.

Silently a whisper emerges

out of emerald skies

birds in search of blue moons

tears are inane, not far away.

Ananya Guha lives in Shilong in Northeast India. He has just retired from service and for almost 38 years he has been a teacher and academic administrator. He has been publishing his poetry world-wide for almost 35 years. He holds a doctoral degree on the novels of William Golding.

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