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Anticlimax by Debasis Tripathy

Altaa** from fertile footprints

has left a bloody trail;

patterns fading after a few steps.

The walls burnished here

and there with prints of palm;

dried turmeric powder spills down.

The house still smells of marigold,

broken petals collected in the corner;

the flowers are wilting.

The crumpled bedsheet whiffs

in disappointment from last night of union—

yet another anticlimax!

**Altaa is rose red color dye used to adorn and decorate hands and feet of Indian women.

Debasis Tripathy is originally from Odisha, a state in eastern India, but he currently lives in Bangalore. He started writing seriously a little late, but luckily since then, within a short span he has his writing published in FormerCactus, Prachya Review, Nuances, CLRI Journal, Setu, Muse India, Pangolin Review, and Indian Review, among others.

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