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Agatha Christie's Five Best Mystery Novels

Agatha Christie, well-known as the "Queen of Mystery," has written about 80 detective stories that include crime, mystery and many other thrilling events. The English writer dives into the crime scene, and builds a story which explores a whole new world of mystery settings and secrets.

Most of Christie’s books are famous; in fact, some of her works are turned into television series and movies. These adaptations popularized the mystery fiction genre among a wide range of modern readers, especially Agatha Christie’s fans.

Here are five books of Christie’s novels that I recommend to read:

And Then There Were None

This novel tells the story of 10 individuals who were invited to a mansion on an isolated island. The 10 individuals were left to their fate in this strange mansion, where they were found killed, one after the other, in a mysterious way.

This novel was adapted for many films, television series and also made into a play on international stage theaters.

It is a great novel with an intriguing plot, and unique storytelling. It is the first time Agatha Christie wrote a murder story without a detective. However, the characters of the story will discover up with the killer’s identity, and the author will end the plot with a clever, well-written closure, that the writer will dramatize it in a very interesting way.

Murder On The Orient Express

While detective Hercule Poirot was on board on the "Orient Express" heading on a trip to London, a sudden murder happened; someone entered Ratchett’s compartment and stabbed him to death. After that, Poirot begins his usual investigations with the passengers on the train, but everyone denied their relation with the incident. Finally, Poirot is in the middle of many possibilities concerning the murder and the killer's identity.

I find this novel an impressive masterpiece, with a great backstory, where at the end, the author brings the theme of justice into light, and makes the reader ask questions with no limited answers. Agatha Christie comes up with brilliant events and with great format of dialogues between the characters.

Crooked House

Aristide Leonides, a wealthy old man, was poisoned with an insulin injection. Charles Hayward, who is in love with Leonides' granddaughter Sophia, helped with the investigation. He began to question all the family members, whom have a strong motive to kill Leonides either for money or for owning the old man's estates. Charles, with the help of Sophia, will find an important clue that will lead to the truth.

I find this novel a well-crafted storyline filled with exciting twists. Here, Agatha Christie dives into the suspects’ real motives to commit a crime; however the actual killer will be a shocking reveal to the reader!

Murder In Mesopotamia

In this novel, Hercule Poirot goes to Iraq where he was asked to join the investigation of the murder of an American archeologist's wife Louise Leidner. Poirot discovers that Louise Leidner was married before to a man who died in a train crash accident. Through her past, Poirot will follow and study all the evidences to find the murderer.

Here, Agatha Christie enters in the victim's personal life and connects the past with the present in an interesting way; Poirot will present all his clues and point out to the murderer who you will not think of at all. It's a fabulous mystery with a good setting, provided with a thrilling plot, which the reader will be excited to read!

The A.B.C. Murders

Here, Hercule Poirot is facing a serial killer, who sends a couple of warning letters to him, signed A.B.C., claiming a murder will take place in a local area. Poirot, with the help of his friend Hastings and Inspector Japp, tries to find the one behind these anonymous letters.

This is one of Christie's most thrilling and exciting adventures that the reader is going to enjoy; Hercule Poirot will be chasing a new "type" of killer who will not stop his crimes until he is arrested at the end of the story. Here, the reader will enter in a mystery, filled with enthusiasm and suspense, followed by Poirot's logical skills and systematic methods.

Joyce Bou Charaa is an English literature student from Lebanon. She is a book reader and she published poems on

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