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A Farmer's Diadem by Karen Anne Candelario

my father said i write

sad words a little too much

but they are the only seeds

i have to plant

more than half the time

for a long time it felt that

with words i’m at my best

when i have weeds in my belly

taking pills to kill them

gave me fear i’d lose

what i thought was my edge

even though it was pushing me off a cliff

for a long time it felt like

the weight of

being a little more poetic

is bearing the crown

of being a little more dead

KA Candelario is an Overseas Filipino Worker and mental health advocate living in the Middle East. She finished her degree in English in 2017. She read some of her poems in the fourth session of Female First Sessions, a platform based in Dubai, UAE that aims to “celebrate women and showcase a diverse line-up of female talent within the Middle East and across the globe.” This edition of The Mark Literary Review is her first publication.

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