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5 Lit Mags to Submit to this Week

1. The Mark Literary Review

The Mark is an online magazine that's always open for submissions! We never charge a fee to submit your work. We're down to read anything! There isn't a specific theme you need to adhere to, but we are most interested in reading creative writing that tears your heart out. Send in your best poetry or short stories and we'll get back to you within two weeks (sometimes sooner). We do not accept previously published work, but we do accept simultaneous submissions. Check out our submission guidelines here.

2. FEED Magazine

FEED is a weekly, online lit mag seeking short poetry, prose, and genre-blending in-betweeners. The writing they're drawn to is brief, intimate, and satiating; works that leave it all on the table or keep them coming back again and again. Short writing, for them, quells hunger with concise, stark images and stories that speak for themselves. FEED defines short-form literature as works of 750 words or less. Here is a link to their website.

3. semicolon

semicolon explores the facets and intricacies of mental health and illness through the various ways it manifests in life. They showcase fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by established and emerging writers. They are looking for narrative structure and variations in experience: the dark days and the hopeful ones. Please keep in mind that they are not looking to glorify or romanticize illnesses. Visit their website here.

4. Authora Australis

Authora Australis is a new literary journal, focused on good quality, accessible writing that inspires, entertains, transforms, and illuminates. They are interested in poetry and fiction from every genre, especially when it is grounded in everyday experience. They are interested in writing that moves beyond tired cultural tropes or conventional escapism. They seek that magical quality that connects the ordinary and extraordinary, and demonstrates the beauty, warmth, humor, and excitement of everyday existence in fresh ways that span the real and fantastical. Here is a link to their website.

5. Cypress Poetry Journal

Cypress Poetry Journal is an online poetry journal based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada edited by Anton Pooles and Samuel Strathman. They aim to publish new and exciting work from emerging and established writers around the world. They are open to submissions year round and publish on a rolling basis. Click here to access their website and follow them on Twitter @presscypress. Visit their website here.

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