Jessica Purgett is the editor and founder of The Mark Literary Review. She graduated from Mount Mercy University in 2020 with majors in English and marketing. She minored in Spanish and creative writing. Currently, she works for an aviation publication as an Assistant Editor. She is published in Paha Review.

Past Blog Contributors

Lauren Gargiulo (they/them) is a writer from and living in Vancouver BC. They are EIC of Goat’s Milk Magazine, and a freelance writer. Lauren writes poetry, screenplays, prose, and nonfiction. Their interests apart from writing  involve tea, alcohol, poetry, literature, and horror and dystopian worlds. Lauren is a mental health advocate, whose writing  has appeared in Anti-Heroine Chic, Wilde Boy Literature Magazine, Rhythm and Bones’ YANYR Anthology (2017), and The LitNerds.  You can find Lauren on Twitter @LGargiuloWrites and Instagram at @Gargiulowrites.