Open Positions

We are looking for volunteer readers, graphic designers, bloggers, podcast editors, and a podcast co-host for "Lit These Days: Presented by The Mark Literary Review." Please keep in mind that The Mark has never made any money. This is a project EiC Jessica Purgett does because she enjoys it. That is why these positions are volunteer only.



The Mark is always looking for people who want to write blog posts. These can be book reviews, author interviews, or even a paper you wrote in college. More information can be found on the "Submissions Guidelines" page of this website. Click here.




The Mark is looking for two to three graphic designers for a project releasing in December.

You will be responsible for reading assigned pieces and creating graphics to go along with them. To apply, send two sample pieces to Jessica Purgett at Jessica will work with students if they wish to use their experience as an internship opportunity.




EiC Jessica Purgett hosts the bi-weekly podcast "Lit These Days: Presented by The Mark Literary Review." She would like to make it weekly. As the podcast co-host, you will be responsible for recording a podcast with Jessica to discuss what we've been reading and answer questions that might come in from our listeners.

You must be an avid reader. Please send a short (one page max) cover letter to Jessica describing why you would like to be the podcast co-host, what you like to read, and when you would be able to record.